​Services / Fees 

Are we a good match?

In order to ask the right questions, I listen carefully to a few different things.  Sometimes it's what isn't being said too. 

I never want to waste anyone's time -- or mine! 

When we both feel comfortable and open to share a few basic, but necessary nuggets of truth, great things can happen!

I am never offended or obsess about why someone would not be a good client candidate because I believe in divine encounters and pray for whomever God inspires to seek my input.

Conversely, I feel confident to share if I don't think He has orchestrated us to work on a particular thing.  But I will always, always, try to point you in the right direction to someone who can.


My clients know I have their best interests in mind always, and I respect their privacy.  Private referrals are the norm. 

You will never see me list testimonies of clients, or name dropping.   I cherish integrity and honesty, and have zero desire to impress people with who I know. 

That to me, is true, Godly partnership, having no agenda, and no ulterior motives, other than to give my genuine input.  I do believe also, that it is a value few and far between these days!  

You decide if it's worth the cost or effort, I already know that it is. 

Situation Snapshot

We've all been there haven't we? Stressful, anxious, awkward, or just downright depressing thoughts of hopelessness.

It doesn't take long to ask a few questions, hear a heart on the matter, and to get some understanding about how best to go forward from there. 

Let's connect!  

Balanced Perspectives, Childlike Faith,  

A Winning Combination.

Let's go for it! 

If you feel sick and tired of being sick and tired, then maybe a different perspective is what you need! 

We ALL do at various times in life.  It helps to shed some light on what it is, and to have a second pair of eyes and ears give their take on the issue. 

But not just any perspective -- one that is neutral, not moved by charm, performance, flattery, social status, pressure, or a person's perceived intellect.  

Probably one of the other blessings God has given me, is the ability to see everyone as a treasure and the potential within.  

I also look past the obvious, and dare to point out what I think may be hindering it too. I don't care who it is! 

Speaking truth in love is a beautiful thing!  When we get to a point where we can hear that truth or feedback, the possibilities are endless....  : )

Rates and Fees                Total

Situation Snapshot .......  45 min ..... $30

Skype Call .....................  1 hour ..... $75

2 Monthly Sessions ........ 1 hr ea .... $170

+ 2 Emails

4 Weekly Sessions ......  1 hr ea ..... $400

+ 4 Emails

TeleSeminars or Webinars........ FREE or to be determined

Speaking Venues .......... Custom Quote


TeleSessions, Webinars and more...

I am currently creating a YouTube series, as well as a few products in the works.  I have resolved in my mind to stay focused this year, no matter what! 

In the meantime, I may do a few Facebook LIVE clips, or teleseminars to allow for several people to be on a call, while I share various topics.

I'll post those things as I finish them, so please keep me in your prayers!

We ALL have experience, perspective, and areas we need to get help with, so my goal is to be a conversation starter -- not just a thought leader.  

Your stories help others too, and in doing so, we all move forward to another level of understanding.  

I envision the days ahead to be more alive with the spirit of GOD on the move.  

We haven't see ANYTHING yet!!   

Get ready for a revival of epic proportions as people of faith are stepping out into their calling in a BIG way. 

Enough games.  Whatever can be shaken, will be shaken, and we're seeing it now, daily!

Looking forward to seeing you through the screen, on a call, or chatting on my Facebook wall!